World is poorer, but Heaven's Rich-er ...

"There's people been talking/They say they're worried about my soul

Well, I'm here to tell you I'll keep rocking/Til I'm sure it's my time to roll …"

"Elijah," Rich Mullins

By Frank "Buzz" Trexler
For The (Maryville, TN) Daily Times
Sept. 26, 1997

It is a normal, hectic Sunday morning:

"Better make one final e-mail run to make sure the team hasn’t changed anything in the service," I told myself. Planning worship services by e-mail has its benefits but also dangers, one of which is the feeling that you turn things around on a dime.

The first Oogerling (Mark Heard newsgroup) e-mail startled me:

"My sister-in-law in Dallas says that a local station, KLTY, has been reporting all day that Rich Mullins has died in a car accident."


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Buzz is a married father of two, managing editor for print/online at The (Maryville, TN) Daily Times and pastors Green Meadow United Methodist Church in Alcoa, TN. He is a 1981 graduate of East Tennessee State University, where he is a member of the Mass Communications Department Hall of Fame.


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