Todd Agnew: Reflection of Something

Todd Agnew:
Reflection of Something

By Frank "Buzz" Trexler
for The (Maryville, TN) Daily Times
September 17, 2005

Looking around the gallery of public opinion concerning Jesus Christ, there is a wide variety of portraits that have been painted.

For instance, you can find Jesus the therapist, Jesus the revolutionary, Jesus the politician (riding a red donkey, or a blue elephant, take your pick), Jesus the judge of America, or Jesus the friend of America, just to name a few.

Certainly, with all of the varied portraits, Jesus’ question from Matthew 16 continues to ring: "Who do people say that I am? … Who do you say that I am?"

Those who are interested can find at least one songwriter’s answer to that question 6:30 p.m. Thursday at First Baptist Church, 215 N. Kentucky St., Kingston, during the "Reflection of Something" tour, featuring Todd Agnew, Starfield and Inhabited.

Agnew’s sophomore project, "Reflection of Something," offers the wide variety of musical styles that were also found in his debut album, "Grace Like Rain." Ranging from the somewhat funky, "Something Beautiful," to the worshipful "Isaiah 6," to "Blood on My Hands," which offers strains of Fanny Crosby’s "Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross," Agnew continues to elude those who would categorize his music.

"The record is really bookended," Agnew says in a recent press release. "It begins with ‘Something Beautiful,’ a song where you’re told you’re a reflection of something. God makes you a reflection of something beautiful. And it ends with ‘My Jesus,’ where the last line is ‘I want to be like my Jesus.’"


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